February 2016

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Awesome Spotlight: Buskerfest

We here at Prism are firm believers in encouragement as fuel for exceptional results. Many times, generating an idea that exceeds expectations can really only happen with a push, gentle or otherwise. That’s where Miami’s Awesome Foundation chapter swoops in, …

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MIFF’s Top Movie Picks

Sometimes being from a city that constantly churns out magic can become so normal that we don’t spend enough time relishing in the fact that Miami is actually a cultural powerhouse, growing stronger year after year. To us, having things …

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Capturing NEWT_PhotoMarkTomaras

Awesome Spotlight: NEWT Miami

Sometimes a brilliant idea needs a little push from the right person as a catalyst for creation. That’s what Miami’s Awesome Foundation chapter execute month after month with a yearly round of $1,000 grants for the city’s budding creators and …

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