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Press Play: Leisure

It happens suddenly. No warning. One minute you’re going about your daily life, answering e-mails and feeling productive, and then out of the blue, you’re floored. Something has just made its way into your life that you never knew you …

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#PressPlay: Johnnyswim

If you aren’t aware of the magic that is Johnnyswim, prepare yourself. They are basically a real-life fairytale. Johnnyswim, a duo, made up of Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano, both songwriters who joined forces after meeting in Nashville. Not only …

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#PressPlay: Big Wild

Preparing for the mystical insanity that will be Hulaween this weekend, I began to do the usual pre-festival routine: shop, clean my car, and put myself onto previously undiscovered music. I like to start with the bottom and work my …

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